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"Golan Chetrit of NYC’s Noi Due Gelato took top prize as Best Flavor North America 2023 for his 'Halva Nagila' gelato."

 Gelato Festival World Masters Awards Golan Chetrit of NYC’s Noi Due Gelato Title of ‘Best Flavor North America 2023’ 


"First place: Golan Chetrit of Noi Due Gelato in New York City with the flavor 'Halva Nagila'."

Carpigiani Announces Top Winners of Its New York Gelato Challenge


"Noi Due Gelato’s 'Halva Nagila' was named best flavor at the North American semifinals of the Gelato Festival World Masters, held in Hollywood, Calif., on Sept. 2-3. It is now the 'top North American finalist'.”

Kosher Gelato Flavor A Winner at Competition Semifinals 


"The savory 'halva nagila' flavor takes its name from the traditional Israeli song, 'Hava Nagila.' Chetrit pointed out that it is 'a celebration song, and when you taste gelato, it is a fun, celebratory experience.'

Kosher Gelateria’s ‘Halva Nagila’ Flavor Wins Contest